Billing in Google Cloud Platform

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A Cloud Billing Account defines who pays for a given set of Google Cloud resources, so Google Cloud projects must be linked to a valid Cloud Billing Account.

Google Cloud Console allows you to manage billing accounts and projects linked to billing accounts.

Google Cloud Free Program

  • 90-day free trial credit (300$).
  • Free tier (monthly usage limits).
  • Google Maps Platform monthly credit (200$).

Project does not need a cloud billing account while it is into free program.

Commited Use Discount

Discounted monthly prices in exchange for your commitment to use a minimum level of resources for a specified term, from 1 to 3 years.

Budgets and Alerts

  • Scope of budget can be either a specific project or all projects.
  • It is defined on a value for "Specified amount" or "Last month's spend".
  • It can include/exclude credit (from promotions, discounts or grants) in cost.
  • It contains thresholds, which trigger on actual/forecast values.
  • Notifications can be performed by email or by publishing to a Google Pub/Sub topic.

Payment Methods


Quotas define limits per resources and they help to control budget.

They can be either global or regional quotas.

Apart from quotas, there are also hard limits that can not be extended.

Pricing Calculator

UI that helps you estimate the cost of using GCP resources.