MarketGamy - My first adventure as Entrepreneur

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Some years ago, in 2017, I started an adventure, my first adventure as entrepreneur.

This adventure aimed to create and launch MarketGamy, a collaborative marketplace for trading video games.

Perhaps, it was not successful in terms of income, although it was a unforgivable experience.

From Business Idea to Business Model

The initial scenario

  • The initial team
  • The initial name: Sellurgames is born
  • The initial strategy
  • Funding an initial financial analysis

Creating the MVP for Sellurgames

  • Sellurgames: Scope of MVP of Sellurgames
  • Sellurgames: MVP or beta?
  • Sellurgames: Business challenges
  • Sellurgames: Technical challenges

Technical details

Website Development

Mobile Apps


Integration with other systems

Empowering the team

  • The competences and talent matrix
  • The cofounders search: searching for talent
  • Another cofounder is found: my fellow traveller
  • Dealing with cofounder.

Looking for support and collaboration

  • The EOI incubation program
  • Our experience with Google Campus Residency program
  • Some other incubation programs

Setting up the company

  • The legality
  • Creating the company with PAE
  • Looking for co-working space

Marketing comes over the project


  • Choosing a company name and a product name: MarketGamy is born
  • Choosing a brand logo

Setting Up the Company domains

Restyling the product

  • Changing the theme of the website
  • Changing the theme of the mobile


  • Looking for a financial partner.