Choosing a Hosting for my Wordpress Blog

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Some context

In 2018, I wanted to have my personal .com domain, with a Wordpress blog hosted in there. My website would be for personal matters so no high traffic volume would be expected. This was the first time I hosted a personal website, and the first time I worked with Wordpress, so the customer service was an important point in decision making.

In summary, I wanted a cheap low-cost hosting provider with a good customer service for a personal Wordpress website.

1&1 or IONOS Wordpress Hosting package

After some search, I selected Wordpress Hosting Package of 1&1 Spain (currently IONOS). This is a shared hosting with SSD storage, focused on Wordpress.

The cost

They had a cheap Wordpress Hosting Package with a .com domain for free the first year, for following cost:

When Hosting yearly (no taxes) Spanish VAT (IVA) Hosting yearly (with taxes) Domain Spanish VAT (IVA) Total
First year 23,88€ 5,01€ 28,99€ 0€ 0€ 28,99€
Following years 35,88€ 7,53€ 43,41€ 9,99€ 12,09€ 55,50€

The value

The Wordpress blog was for a personal blog, focused on text, so traffic would be low, and storage would be also low.

The highlights of essential wordpress hosting package were the following ones:

Feature Value
Auto-updated wordpress Cool, I could deal with plugins, but I didn't want to invest too much on keeping wordpress up-to date
Assistant for wordpress Great, for reducing the time to launch
1 .com domain with unlimited subdomains I needed the domain, but not sure if I would need subdomains
Unlimited traffic Great, but I didn't need that much
A wildcard SSL Certificate (SHA-256) Great.
25GB SSD storage Great, but I didn't need that much
10 inbox email accounts with 2GB storage For a personal blog, just one account was more than enough
1 Mysql Database with 1 GB storage Not useful for Wordpress, but I would use it later
1 FTP user and 1 SSH user Not useful for Wordpress, but I would use it later
PHP and other standard features Not useful for Wordpress, but I would use it later

2 years later: The verdict

Now in 2020, 2 years later, I am migrating my website from Wordpress to Mediawiki, since I don't actually need a blog but a wiki, for my personal website.

In terms of hosting, I do completely recommend this package and hosting for other customers with basic Wordpress sites:

  • Great value.
  • Customer service have met my expectations: low latency by phone, and very efficient.
  • Features have been very useful: on migrating to wiki, I've used the Mysql database, some php features, and also a subdomain.
  • No blocking points on installing and managing Wordpress Plugins.

However, since I am not using Wordpress anymore, I am considering other hosting options, so I can optimize my budget.