Deploying the Java Backend of Sellurgames marketplace

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Some context

As part of my adventure as entrepreneur, I focused first version of software architecture in a three-tier architecture, with a REST-API supported exposed by a monolithic Backend component.

In order to boost development, I decided to use Java, and use Spring Boot to implement the REST API and business logic. This was not due to the fact that this technologies can reduce time-to-market, but they were much more aligned with my technical background related to Backend technologies.

Which sort of hosting to use? PaaS, IaaS?

In order to select PaaS or IaaS, I took into consideration the following points:

Our technical capacity was wery limited. Basically one single person was implementing web app, mobile apps, backend platform, database, and doing much more tasks related to Startup. Experience with IaaS and cloud was limited at the time we were making the decision. We went therefore for PaaS providers.

Which PaaS to use?

We were still in very early stages, so having a free tier was a must for PaaS provider. In addition, I know that dynamic pricing (or pay as you go) provides budget optimizitation, but in this stage, fixed pricing tiers made my life much easier, and that was what I was looking for then.

Another point to consider, is that my experience with Containers (like Dockers) and container orchestrators (like Kubernettes) was limited so, I was looking for a PaaS solution that could handle all that for me.

I guess those 2 points were the reasons why I went by Heroku, rather than other solutions like Openshift.

Setting up Heroku