Google Cloud Datalab

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Google Cloud Datalab is a tool for exploring, visualizing, analyzing and transforming data, from BigQuery and other storage services, using languages, such as Python and SQL.

It supports machine learning.

It is packaged as a container and it runs in a VM instance.

It uses Notebooks instead of text, which can be stored in git.

You can use Noteboogs with Python, TensorFlow Machine Learning, and google Analytics, Google BigQuery and Google Charts APIs.


  • Integrated with other GCP services
  • Multi Language Support
  • Notebook format
  • Pay-per-use Pricing
  • Interactive Data Visualizations
  • Machine Learning
  • iPython support
  • Open Source: Datalab is free, but you are charged for used GCP resources.


  1. Create instance.
datalab create <datalab-name>
  1. Connecting to instance.
  2. Stopping instance.
  3. Alternatively, keep disk.


Datalab is single user environment.

Project owner or team themselves can create datalab instance, but in case of created by project owner, he should either assign permissions for accessing to notebooks or have a service account for each user assigned.