Google Cloud Memorystore

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Google Cloud Memorystore is a scalable, secure, and highly available in-memory storage service for Redis and Memcached, which allows you to reduce latency.


  • Fully managed: provisioning, replication, failover and patching are all automated.
  • 100% compatible with open source Redis and Memcached.
  • Migrate your caching layer to cloud with zero code change.
  • It automates complex tasks for Redis and Memcached, like enabling high availability failover, patching and monitoring.
  • Clusters up to 5TB and millions of queries per second at very low latency.
  • Replication of memory store for Redis instances to 2 zones, with a 99.9% availability SLA, with automatic failover (minimal disruption).
  • Protected from internet using VPC networks and private IP, and integrated with IAM.
  • Monitorizable with Google Cloud Monitoring, and additionally with OpenCensus.
  • Billed for the provisioned capacity (GB), on a second basis.

Use Cases

  • Application caches
  • Gaming: leaderboards, player profiles, etc.
  • Stream Processing. Combined with Dataflow, Memorystore provides a scalable, fast in-memory store for storing intermediate data, accessible with very low latency.