Google Cloud Platform Interfaces

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Google Cloud Console

Google Cloud Console is the main tool for administrating Google Cloud Platform.

In order to use it, you must select a Project first.

It also requires to setup, in your project, a credit card (or bank account) for billing.

Google Cloud Shell

It is a stateful cloud container with no additional cost, running remotely, based on a linux environment with gcloud command, editors, python and other tools.

Command Line Interfaces

Google Cloud SDK

Command Line Utility and SDK (including almost all libraries local to your computer).


  • Tools for Cloud Platform
  • It manages VMs
  • Networking, Storage, Firewall, Disk and more.
  • You can use your favorite language.
  • You can run Local Service Emulator


  • gcloud: manages authentication, local configuration, developer workflow and interactions with GCP APIs.
  • gsutil: access to manage Cloud Storage buckets and objects.
  • Powershell cmdlets: managing GCP resources with Powershell.
  • bq tool: run queries, manipulate datasets, tables and entities in BigQuery
  • kubectl: orchestrates deployment and management of Kuberenetes container clusters in gcloud.


gcloud init 
gcloud auth list 
gcloud info 
gcloud help

API Explorer

You can launch API Explorer for a given API, with doc about the API and the capability to invoke Google APIs, by accessing to "APIs & Services" in Google Cloud Console.

With API Explorer, you can also see the curl command, and javascript code for performing the request to endpoints in APIs.