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Some context

I had decided to create a personal blog with Wordpress. Although I was a experienced Javascript developer, my background did not include PHP nor Wordpress at all, so basically, I would learn everything from scratch.

Some of the plugins were pre-installed by IONOS, and the plugins I installed were either free plugins or free versions of commercial plugins.


After trying several themes, It was hard to find a theme suitable for IT articles. In the end, I went for LikeAWiki theme, a very simple theme with the bars layout I was looking for.

I had also to do some changes, in order to change the look of site header and search buttom:

 1 #tool-bar .toolbar {display: none;}
 2 .site-header figure.logo img {width: 100%;}
 3 .site-header .hgroup, .site-header .hgroup a {color: white;}
 4 .site-header .hgroup
 5 {
 6 	position: absolute;
 7 	width: 100%;
 8 	margin: 0 auto;
 9 }
10 .search-field {font-size: 18px;}
11 .search-submit {font-size: 20px;}

The final look of the website was not the best, but I wanted to focus on content.

Luis Gallego Hurtado Wordpress 600x329.png


Plugins preinstalled by IONOS

Purpose Plugin Description
Contact forms 1&1 IONOS Address Book It integrates contact forms with IONOS Address book
Contact form WP Subscribe It adds subscription forms to your blog, generating and it integrates with Mailchimp, Aweber and FeedBurner.
Performance a3 Lazy Load It speeds up the loading of your site with lazy loading of resources in mobile devices
Maintenance Broken Link Checker It monitors the blog for broken links
Maintenance Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced Plugin that generates thumbnails and delete those which are not used anymore
Monitoring Statify It shows statistics about your blog and pages
Reviews WP Review It allows users to add reviews to your pages
Styling WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop With this plugin, you can use short codes to style elements in your blog.
Styling WP Tab Widget

With this plugin, you can add tabs, which lazy load its content.

Additional free plugins installed

Purpose Plugin Description
Compliance Shariff Wrapper Plugin for adding GDPR compliant share buttons. It also shows ranks for know the most popular pages.
Compliance Italy Cookie Choices (for EU Cookie Law) Very good plugin for complying with EU laws by displaying a cookie message first time user accesses to the blog.
Compliance The GDPR Framework It helps your blog to meet GDPR laws.
Security AntySpam Bee It avoids spam in comments.
Security One Click SSL It allows you to redirect users from HTTP to HTTPS, to enforce secured connections.
SEO Rank Math SEO SEO plugin. After testing Yoast SEO, I decided to replace it by this plugin.
Usability TinyMCE Advanced Gutenberg, the block editor, can be a bit too complicated some times. This plugin helps you to make simpler edition without losing the power of all features of Gutenberg.
Styling Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter Great plugin for displaying your development code in your blog.