Setting up a NameCheap domain with a Hostalia mailbox

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Some Context

As part of my adventure as entrepreneur, launching a Startup in 2019, the team decided to empower branding by creating mailboxes with our custom domain.

After contracting a basic professional email hosting with Hostalia, which give us 2GB email inbox with unlimited aliases and a great customer service for as little as 0,99€ a month, we wanted to setup those email boxes with a specific domain, previously purchased in NameCheap. This was the point where I realized that NameCheap’s customer services was not that great.

Setup your mailbox in Hostalia's admin panel

Access to your Hostalia’s admin panel, and, in Mail Management section, select your mailbox and link it to an external domain name

Once your domain is linked, you should it listed below, so you can click DNS Managment from there or from left menu.

You can see now all DNS entries that would be required if you hosted both, mail and web in Hostalia. You will need them for setting up DNS resolution.

Setup DNS records in NameCheap

Make sure NameServers property in Domain home setup screen contains value “NameCheap Basic DNS”.

Add in “Advance DNS” configuration, in “Host Records” section, all records required for the mail inbox. Copy values from Hostalia’s DNS entries displayed in previous step to new corresponding NameCheap’s DNS entries:

Type Hostalia’s DNS entry NameCheap’s Host value of DNS entry
A @
A imap
A mx
A pop3
A smtp
A webmail

Once, DNS records are propagated, everything should work as expected.